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Shielding cans / covers by emi-tec technology:


  • Multichamberdesign for small systems
  • Multifunctional (designed for assamly of   LCD, battery, switches)
  • No solid ribs reqired by multibeadtechnology (software modi.)
  • Plastik / Metal useable
  • No soldering needed
  • Snap in technology
  • Low forces by multibeadtechnology
  • Small tolerances, thin walls
  • Fast prototyping by 3D-Cat drawings

    Fast Protoping in Plastic or Metall, ready as shielding element

    Ask to convert your 3-D Files within a few days to useable prototypes including metallisation and gasketing.

    Experienced ingeneers will assist you in tough time frames and difficult requirements.

    Test their knowledge to your benefit.

    High quality or high quantity our experience will be your benefit.

    From highest qualificated aircrafteqipment to keyturn solutions in comsumergoods, all over the world, use our experience.

    We are qualificated for aerospace, car-industry and telecomunication.

    Tell us your problem and get in exchange our solution

    Don't hesitate to ask or mail for an design-ingeneer


    Products are protected by patent family:

    USA     US6420649B1
    Taiwan TW189853
    China   CN1099224C

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